Which Cat Would Make a Better Pet: Crookshanks or Dinah?


I never really thought about it until I started writing this post, but there don’t seem to be a whole lot of pets in literature or YA books. (Maybe because the characters are off on crazy adventures so having a pet just doesn’t fit in the story?) Be that as it may, Crookshanks (Hermione’s cat in Harry Potter) and Dinah (Alice’s cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) are two pretty great felines.

We don’t know a whole lot about either cat, but we do know that Crookshanks is almost lion-like in appearance and really doesn’t like Scabbers (who turns out to be Peter Pettigrew, so I mean, me too, Crookshanks. Me too…).

Dinah is also a hunter (of both mice and birds), but more importantly she seems to be Alice’s best friend. After all, Alice talks about her way more than she talks about actual people in her world and makes her out to be quite the loyal companion.

So which cat would you rather have for a pet? Vote below and let me know why you chose the cat you did!

29 thoughts on “Which Cat Would Make a Better Pet: Crookshanks or Dinah?”

  1. Crookshanks would be my pet of choice too, perhaps because he accompanies Hermione throughout her adventures, whereas Alice has to travel to a different realm without her cat.

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    1. That makes sense to me. 😀

      Plus, he probably knows some magic too. He just will never let on about it. He’ll just use it for his own purposes, like catching mice. Because he’s a cat and cats are like that. 😉

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  2. Dinah all the way for me – I’ve always been such a huge Alice fan it would have to be. Considering Dinah doesnt actually appear in the book, she does play a pretty important role – and all without (if she’s anything like my cat) getting out of bed!

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  3. I agree. Both very loyal companions to some pretty awesome literary characters. I have to say Crookshanks, though. Crookshanks actually tries to be a hero by trying to catch Peter Pettigrew. He really knows what she’s doing.

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  4. I don’t like cats. When I was a kid we had a vicious beast of a cat named Precious who would randomly attack you like a vampire kitty, grabbing with claws and biting with sharp teeth, only to bolt away before you ever saw her. I would vote Dinah just because she seems more companionable than Crookshanks, but both have a tendency to attack other animals, which isn’t a good sign for me.

    Interesting note about there being few animals in books! I’ve thought about writing something with a dog as a companion before (in memory of my favorite pet) but haven’t plotted anything out for serious yet.

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    1. Haha good point! Cats can be terrifying. Sounds like a good idea, although every time there’s a dog in a book it tends to end up being really sad and the dog dies. So if you broke that trend that would be awesome haha.

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