Your Brain, the DJ (When Songs Spontaneously Combine)

Tove Lo & Carly Rae Mashup 2.png

I’ve started realizing how weird my brain is when it comes to music. Probably everyone has had an experience where a tiny bit of a song gets stuck in your head on repeat. But have you ever had a tiny bit of a song combine with another tiny bit of a song?

For example. Continue reading “Your Brain, the DJ (When Songs Spontaneously Combine)”


Repetition in Pop Music, Classical Music, and Poetry


Have you ever thought about how much repetition there is in music, whether popular or classical? It’s so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget about how weird it actually is. If you were reading a book and the exact same chapter was repeated you’d probably be scratching your head and wondering if you had a messed up copy. But in music, that’s the norm! So Continue reading “Repetition in Pop Music, Classical Music, and Poetry”

Music, The Other Stuff

Unique Music Associations (Plus Bacon and Cotton Eye Joe)

Otherwise known as what happened last week.


This past week has been kind of a weird one in terms of things I’ve thought about or done, so I thought I’d list them out. (If anyone’s doing cognitive research on weird brains this is the post for you.) Continue reading “Unique Music Associations (Plus Bacon and Cotton Eye Joe)”