Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Anna Karenina and a Bach Cello Suite


Classical Music Stories is a series that connects music to your favorite books.

You’ve almost definitely heard the opening of this piece before in commercials or something. But it’s honestly one of my favorites! The peacefulness and expansiveness of Bach on cello seems to open doors into a new world you can explore, one Continue reading “Classical Music Stories: Anna Karenina and a Bach Cello Suite”


“Red,” “White,” and “Blue” Books (In Meaning, Not Color)

I started this post thinking I would list books that matched each color on the American flag: red for books involving “hardiness” and “valor,” white for “purity” and “innocence,” and blue for “vigilance,” “perseverance,” and “justice” (according to the meanings of the colors provided by I figured I’d end with a list of books that present Continue reading ““Red,” “White,” and “Blue” Books (In Meaning, Not Color)”