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What If Alice In Wonderland Characters Played Sports?

If Mermaids Wore Suspenders turned one year old yesterday! (I guess that means it’s sleeping more at night and will start to babble soon?) I’m thrilled that so many of you have found this blog enjoyable.  Always feel free to leave comments or email me with any questions or thoughts you may have about the blog’s content! I love exploring different viewpoints on books and music with people.

To celebrate this first blogiversary, here’s a look back at my first blog post–just in time for the Olympics!

Alice: Obstacle course racing

Just like in Wonderland, she wouldn’t Continue reading “What If Alice In Wonderland Characters Played Sports?”

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Literary Quotes About Me

When faced with ten questions and a Liebster award (shoutout to The Library Lizard who tagged me and has a great blog with all kinds of bookish stuff), I decided to answer each of the questions with book quotes (and one movie quote) since I don’t normally like blogging directly about myself.  Plus, I’ll be killing two birds with one stone by posting some great quotes! (I’m violent that way.)

1. What is one of your favourite quotes from a book?

“First Murderer: (Stabbing him) Young fry of treachery!

Son: He has kill’d me, mother.” —Macbeth (I originally posted this quote here.)


Also these hilarious quotes from The Importance of Being Earnest.

2. Favourite animal/creature from a book? (e.g. hippogriffs from Harry Potter) Continue reading “Literary Quotes About Me”

Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Les Misérables

Les Miserables

Brahms: Intermezzo Op. 117 No. 1

“Sleep softly, my child, sleep softly and well!
It breaks my heart to see you weep.”

These lines are from “Lady Anne Bothwell’s Lament” and appear at the beginning of Brahms’ score.  The entire “Lament” is from the perspective of a mother singing a lullaby to her child, but as the poem gets darker we soon discover that the child’s father has abandoned them.

Sound familiar?

To me, the opening of the piece sounds like Fantine singing a Continue reading “Classical Music Stories: Les Misérables”

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If Mermaids Wore Suspenders — Discover

If Mermaids Wore Suspenders was featured on WordPress Discover this week as an Editor’s Pick! A big thank you to WordPress for allowing my blog to reach more people and hopefully inspire them!

Aubrey Leaman, the blogger behind If Mermaids Wore Suspenders, shares her passion for books and classical music in quirky posts that aim to bridge the gap between these two seemingly-disparate worlds.

via If Mermaids Wore Suspenders — Discover


Red Riding Hood Silent Film with Classical Music


This past year I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance.  For my senior recital, I decided to do something a little different.  To me, the Haydn sonata I was learning sounded like the kind Continue reading “Red Riding Hood Silent Film with Classical Music”

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The “Fairy Tale” Genre in Music


“After everyone had left the house, Cinderella went out to her mother’s grave under the hazel tree, and cried: ‘Shiver and shake, dear little tree, gold and silver shower on me.’ Then the bird threw down to her a gold and silver robe and a pair of slippers embroidered with silk and silver…

On the second day, when the festival was renewed and her parents and stepsisters had started forth again, Cinderella went to the hazel tree and said: ‘Shiver and shake, dear little tree, gold and silver shower on me.’  Then the bird threw down a still more gorgeous robe than on the previous day…

On the third day, when her parents and sisters had started, Cinderella went again to her mother’s grave and said: ‘Shiver and shake, dear little tree, gold and silver shower on me.’ Then the bird threw down a dress which was so magnificent that no one had ever seen the like before, and the slippers were entirely of gold.”


Fairy tales often include these types of three-fold repetitions.  Something will happen, it will have an effect, and then the Continue reading “The “Fairy Tale” Genre in Music”


Pride and Prejudice Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Jane Austen with wand

What if your favorite Pride and Prejudice characters lived in the world of Harry Potter? What houses would they be sorted into and what can that tell us about the similarities between (and functions of) various characters?

Jane Bennett = Hufflepuff

She is incredibly kind.  She can’t think ill of anyone! The reader also has a sense of her loyalty to Bingley.

Mr. Bingley = Hufflepuff Continue reading “Pride and Prejudice Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses”


NEW Bookish Time Travel Tag


And thus, a new tag was born over at The Library Lizard.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen!


  • Answer as many of the questions as you can/want.
  • Tag other people – as many as you like. Share the love!
  • Please leave a link to this post/blog. 
  • Tag the post as “Bookish Time Travel”.
  • Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments!
  • Explore! Try and visit other people’s Bookish Time Travel posts and leave a comment.


  1. photo_16696_0What is your favorite historical setting for a book?

The Roaring ‘20s. The parties, the fashion, the glamour…it almost feels like an alternate dimension (which I guess is pretty appropriate, given this tag).

  1. What writer/s would you like to travel back in time to meet?

The Brontë sisters (Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre are phenomenal). Victor Hugo (Les Misérables blows my mind). But I’d also like to meet authors like Austin Kleon, J.K. Rowling, and Mallory Ortberg before they were published. I’d like to discover first-hand how they Continue reading “NEW Bookish Time Travel Tag”