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A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (…with Accordion Music)

Because this song reminds me of two different characters I decided to present both. You can choose which one appeals to you more, turning the music into a “choose your own adventure” of sorts. As always, I love hearing about what other characters the music reminds you of in the comments section so please feel free to share!

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Jane Eyre (Option 1)
and Anna Karenina (Option 2)

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If Book Characters Celebrated Thanksgiving (And What They Would be Thankful for)

Thanksgiving may be a traditionally American holiday, but what if your favorite book characters celebrated it, as well? Amid the food comas and family visits, here’s what I think they might be thankful for:  Continue reading “If Book Characters Celebrated Thanksgiving (And What They Would be Thankful for)”


A Bookish Guide to De-Stressing After the Election

So the election happened. Maybe you’re happy, maybe you’re not. (Please don’t leave political views in the comments section! This is a strictly book-and-music safe space.) But I think we could all use a bit of a detox. So here are some books to read in the aftermath of the crazies:

1. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans


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Classical Music Stories

Guided Tour: Little Red Riding Hood in Classical Music

4 Red Riding Hood pic.jpg

Below is a step by step “tour” of a short piece imagined in relation to the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The timings beside each paragraph correspond to the timings on the video so you can follow along if you wish. You can either listen to the piece first (it’s only about a minute and a half long) and then read the story, read first and then listen, or do some kind of combination thereof. There is no right or wrong way! Continue reading “Guided Tour: Little Red Riding Hood in Classical Music”