Music and Meaning in Moonrise Kingdom

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As graduate school comes to a close for the year I’ve been working on a paper about some of the music in Wes Anderson’s (amazing) movie, Moonrise Kingdom. If you’re not familiar with the movie, the basic gist is that 12-year old Sam runs away with Suzy and the two lovebirds keep trying to escape the adults. But the kids’ are portrayed as the sensible ones! Overall it’s a great, quirky movie that I’d definitely recommend for your summer viewing pleasure.

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If The Great Gatsby Characters Had Favorite Colors


I mean, surely they had favorite colors, but we’re never told what they are (as far as I can remember). Since people seem to believe that our favorite colors say something about us, I thought I’d try to enter into some characters’ minds and imagine what theirs might be… Continue reading “If The Great Gatsby Characters Had Favorite Colors”

Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Peter Pan


A while back I posted a brief, 30 second piece and talked about how it reminded me of Tinker Bell (Classical Music Stories: Tinker Bell (Plus Flash Fiction Challenge!)). But little did you know I had more Peter Pan stories for the other bajillion movements in the piece! (Mwah ha ha!)

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