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Clair de Lune: Music From “All the Light We Cannot See”


This is the piece a starving Marie-Laure blasted from the attic to draw Von Rumpel to her.  Imagine yourself as Marie-Laure, listening to this music and waiting for the murderer to find you with a knife in your hand.  Imagine yourself as Von Rumpel, hallucinatory, sick, and dying, following Continue reading “Clair de Lune: Music From “All the Light We Cannot See””

Songs For Every Book

Songs For Every Book: Macbeth

Shakespeare headphones

I was jamming to some music this morning but when this song came on it transported me straight into Macbeth:

About Lady Macbeth:

“I was a loner
I was just waiting by myself
When you, warped temptress
Rose to bring me happiness and wealth”

About Macbeth:

“You convince yourself that you want it, but you don’t know
You keep trying to wash the blood from your hands, but it won’t go”


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7 Ways to Put a Robot in Your Fantasy Story


It isn’t easy putting tech into a fantasy setting. Yet it can be done! Sometimes even correctly. Here are 7 methods that might or might not work. Though looking at the ‘humor’ tag on this post, it’s probably a lot of tongue and cheek. Time travel! Nothing goes wrong with having a robot time travel […]

via 7 Ways to Put a Robot in Your Fantasy Story — Legends of Windemere


Who Would Win In a Fight: Gandalf or Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock fighting

It’s a tough call.

On the one hand, Gandalf has magic.  On the other hand, Sherlock Holmes is a mastermind who understands situations and people better than anyone else.  He might be able to outsmart Gandalf.

On yet another hand, Gandalf was able to see the big picture and notice the threat Saruman posed as well as Bilbo Baggins’s potential in the dwarves’ party, so perhaps he is Sherlock’s equal or better.

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Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: A Study In Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes)


“Classical Music Stories” is a series where classical music is listened to as though it were a movie score to one of your favorite books.  

Alfred Schnittke’s Piano Quartet

Jefferson Hope comes back to the camp after hunting only to Continue reading “Classical Music Stories: A Study In Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes)”