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Clair de Lune: Music From “All the Light We Cannot See”


This is the piece a starving Marie-Laure blasted from the attic to draw Von Rumpel to her.  Imagine yourself as Marie-Laure, listening to this music and waiting for the murderer to find you with a knife in your hand.  Imagine yourself as Von Rumpel, hallucinatory, sick, and dying, following the music, climbing to the top floor.

Imagine yourself as Volkheimer, hearing Marie-Laure’s radio broadcast while trapped underground.  Losing hope.  And yet after hearing this song, you decide to throw a grenade in a last, desperate effort to gain freedom.

Imagine yourself as Etienne, haunted by the ghosts of your past, playing this music and remembering your dead brother.

Imagine yourself as the child, Werner, hearing this piece at the end of Etienne’s broadcast, huddled in an orphanage with a tiny radio, dreaming of greater things.

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