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If Mermaids Wore Suspenders — Discover

If Mermaids Wore Suspenders was featured on WordPress Discover this week as an Editor’s Pick! A big thank you to WordPress for allowing my blog to reach more people and hopefully inspire them!

Aubrey Leaman, the blogger behind If Mermaids Wore Suspenders, shares her passion for books and classical music in quirky posts that aim to bridge the gap between these two seemingly-disparate worlds.

via If Mermaids Wore Suspenders — Discover

12 thoughts on “If Mermaids Wore Suspenders — Discover”

  1. It is so worth every accolade. I am very new to WordPress. Basically just a few weeks so am finding my feet. I do not even know if I have set it up correctly. Hopefully one day I can write my own blogs with interest and with brilliant writing and visuals,but like a baby I must learn to walk first. Your blog gives me hope.

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  2. Congratulations on your recognition. A year or so ago I was Freshly Pressed, and my viewing figures sky rocketed for a while. My followers grew exponentially, hope yours do too.

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    1. That’s what’s been happening for me, too! Quick question, actually: I know there was a badge for being freshly pressed. How was that accessed to put on your blog?


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