If Shoes Were Made From Books

When I saw these amazing shoes made out of paper, I wondered what would happen if someone were to make shoes out of book pages. And then what if those shoes were actually made to look like the themes or setting of the stories they were made with in some way?

I would love a pair of shoes made from pages of The Night Circus. Imagine what they would look like if they matched the magical atmosphere of that book! I’d also be sorely tempted to buy some Great Gatsby shoes. It would be interesting how the artist/shoemaker combined the flair of the Roaring 20s with the tension between characters.

So if you could have any pair of book-themed shoes, which ones would you want?


Marie Louise Otte’s paper shoes were a discovery on Instagram and I can’t decide if they’re more macabre or beautiful, or maybe both. Ghosts of Marie Antoinette, and they also remind me of the old violins bought by Rita Lydig to form shoe horses for her dancing slippers. If this inspires you, there is more of Rita’s excess (and emeralds) here.


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25 thoughts on “If Shoes Were Made From Books”

  1. While this is a fascinating concept I am WAY too OCD with my books to ever feel comfortable wearing shoes that once were a book! You know those “Wreck This Journal” books?? They give me actual anxiety to walk by them in the book store! So I love the idea; I love the creativity; and would wholly support someone creating brilliant book-based shoes. But I could never wear them without freaking out and crying :).

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  2. Aw, these look like little fairy shoes! Someone definitely has some great creativity and talent! I wonder what Cinderella’s slipper would look like or even that of Phantom of the Opera! *cough* Favorite book ever *cough*

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  3. Cool! Definitely have to say I would want the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz movie. The book featured Silver slippers; not sure why they changed it. I love Rubies.

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  4. Aubrey, you got to check out the dress made out of old books! It would go with the shoes. LOL – it was an old post on Hard Book Habit blog called – ‘Where do old books go to die?’ Let me know if you need the link. I just ran across it today. best, Denise

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