Top 10 Quirky and Creative Lyrics (Sleigh Bells Edition)


So I just found out through the amazing R. Q. Woodward that the equally amazing noise pop band Sleigh Bells has a new album out! And while browsing their lyrics I found some quirky, creative ones to share:

1. “Still torn down by a symphony / I need something warm / like jet blast / cool breeze, cool G” (It’s Just Us Now)

2. “Hunting sheep in my sleep, no I don’t count them” (Crucible)

3. “Cause we’re singing on a sinking ark, getting ready to go” (Unlimited Dark Paths)

4. “Two tornadoes touch down in Kansas / instinct takes over, instinct commands us / mostly okay, but I’m bleeding profusely / mostly okay, but only on Tuesdays” (Rule Number One)

5. “It’s Monday night / and you’re high as a kite watching Lion King” (Rule Number One)

6. “You better take my advice while I’m calm still / when your dream is made of everything you’re afraid of” (Baptism by Fire)

7. “Retrograde and Gatorade baths / in the middle of May” (Hyper Dark)

8. “All those kids wasting away / on a yearbook page that was torn out anyway” (Hyper Dark)

9. “Picking cotton candy with splinters” (As If)

10. “Crisis mode, mint chip vendetta” (As If)


Please be aware: Some of Sleigh Bells’ songs feature dark and/or profane language. Hence, you might want to check first before listening if you’re like me and that bothers you.


What’s your favorite lyric from this list? What are some other great, creative lyrics you’ve heard in music?

You can listen to some of Sleigh Bells’ music here (Harry Potter style): If Hermione Granger Listened to Alternative Rock

And also here: Lyrics From A Tale of Two Cities

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Quirky and Creative Lyrics (Sleigh Bells Edition)”

  1. First off, I LOVE that I am “equally amazing” LOL Thanks 😛
    I remember the Lion King lyric! So weird! Love it.
    I think my favorites are the weird poetic ones that I almost don’t get (the midnight hour might have something to do with that). Specifically, #6 (in your list). I Find #9 intriguing because it makes me think of cotton picking, and I wonder if there is some deeper meaning there. Will have to investigate the lyrics for myself!

    Do you like, love, appreciate the album? Since we were working out when we listened, I liked it but didn’t really LOVE it until later in. I’m not sure it that’s because I was distracted at first, the slower boring songs are earlier in album, or if the album actually gets better halfway through. 😀 We LOVED the end though! I’m not sure if it was the entire last song or…I should probably stop typing. I’ve heard it ONCE. Ha! I’ll listen some more and then we can nerd out! It was perfect for our Insanity work out though. Maybe good for running too (since you’ve blogged about running and classical music) 🙂

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    1. Awesome!! Yeah, for me there’s something about lyrics that are almost understandable but not quite–the ones that invoke more of a sensation than a specific meaning for me. To be 100% honest I haven’t listened to these yet…the only thing I had time for last night was looking at the lyrics! But listening is coming very soon and then we totally need to discuss haha.

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  2. Must check them out. Anyways, I’ve always loved this lyrics “yeah you know we took our time to get there. We’re hiding out in a dream. Catching fire like kerosene.” It’s from Long Way Home by 5 Seconds of Summer.

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