Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Rapunzel’s Daydreams


From the composer of Clair de Lune comes piano music that is equally dreamy, equally magical…

Classical Music Stories is a series that connects music to your favorite books and characters. Since listening to classical music can be like hearing a story, imagining specific stories that match the music can make it that much more fun and accessible!

Petite Suite: I. En bateau (by Claude Debussy; performed by Jean-Pierre Armengaud and Olivier Chauzu…4-hand piano music!)

Rapunzel is in her tower, daydreaming about what it would be like to leave her confinement and explore the real world among the happy celebrations that take place among the people each year.


While this music makes me think of Rapunzel’s daydreams, the title can be translated as “In a Boat.” I love this image of exploration through daydreaming!

What other music (of any genre) have you heard that reminds you of a fairytale?

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