Songs For Every Book

Songs for Every Book: Hobbits and Meat Puppets

The rock group Meat Puppets has a song that is pretty much the epitome of comfy hobbit life in the Shire.

While it’s true that Bilbo’s adventures make for a great story, is it wrong to bask at least sometimes in the peacefulness of the Shire? We can go on Tookish adventures all the time at our jobs, in school, or with friends and family, but at the end of the day sometimes you just need a nice, peaceful “hobbit hole” in which to get cozy.

So next time you want to escape to Tolkien’s world (in a bit of a quirky, rock/folk way), give this song a try!

There’s a path
It’s not a road
No traffic through
No noisy highway
Where I can walk
Between the trees
A strip of green
That’s rolling my way


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