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Disney to Take On “12 Dancing Princesses”…Probably


I am making a prediction.

You know how in Frozen Hans has twelve older brothers? Well, to me that sounds an awful lot like a set up for some version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairy tale.  After all, it sure is a convenient number of brothers to have…

So I’m calling it now.  We can look forward to Disney’s version of this fairy tale sometime in the future.


Disney Doppelgängers

Disney Covers 3It’s common knowledge that Disney’s The Lion King is based on Hamlet, where Mufasa is King Hamlet Sr., Simba is Hamlet Jr., and Scar is Claudius (I guess that would make Nala Ophelia??). So it got me thinking: do any other literary characters resemble Disney characters in some way?


George Wickham from Pride and Prejudice = Hans from Frozen

Both Wickham and Hans know how Continue reading “Disney Doppelgängers”