Who Would Win In a Dance-Off: Mark Watney or Willy Wonka?

martian vs wonka

That’s right, we’re tackling the important questions today.

On the one hand, Mark Watney spent years on Mars with tons of free time, during which he probably taught himself how to dance.  Plus, he’s quite the character.  But he also spent those years completely alone.  How would he have known if he were a good dancer or not?

On the other hand, Willy Wonka is a bit of a crazy recluse and doesn’t get out much…but he also has the Oompa Loompas.  Maybe they taught him some fantastic dance moves the world has never seen before.  (Plus, he’s quite the character, too.)

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments and vote below!


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23 thoughts on “Who Would Win In a Dance-Off: Mark Watney or Willy Wonka?”

  1. Watney for sure. I think having only the Fonz to watch for that long can only make you cooler and therefore a better dancer. Plus I imagine him to have taken the skills of the Doctor (from Doctor Who) and we all know the Doctor can dance.

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