If The Big Bang Theory Characters Were Literary Characters

Ever wonder which literary character is most like your favorite Big Bang Theory character? Wonder no more.

Sheldon = Sherlock Holmes

Both of these guys are crazy smart and don’t hesitate to make others aware of that fact. While Sherlock uses his powers to solve crimes, Sheldon has devoted his life to science. Of course, Sheldon probably couldn’t solve crimes even if he wanted to because of how high-maintenance he is. After all, I would imagine that being a germophobe isn’t exactly an advantage if you work around crime scenes. Then again, his OCD would keep him searching until the mystery was solved.

Obviously there are significant differences between the two. If I had to choose which one I’d rather hang out with, it would be Sherlock, though he definitely has his quirks, too. Sorry, Sheldon.

Penny = Anna Karenina 
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