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10 More Ridiculous Idioms

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1) Cook the Books
How. Dare. You.

2) Beard the lion in his den
“Would you like a goatee or Van Dyke?”
“Van Dyke it is.”

3) Sell something for a song
Pop stars would be rich. Oh wait—

4) A finger in every pie
That doesn’t sound very hygienic.

5) Fall off the turnip truck
Why turnips? Why not a radish truck? Why is there a special truck for turnips in the first place??

6) Work fingers to the bone

7) To drink like a fish
Do fish actually drink? I know they open their mouths so I suppose they must be swallowing water but I just don’t know…

8) Costs an arm and a leg
…I certainly hope not…

9) At the drop of a hat
What kind of hat are we dropping? And why is it being dropped?? Is this part of a magic trick or something?

10) Like stealing acorns from a blind pig
Okay, then.

What other ridiculous idioms have you heard?

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