Literary Characters for President!

Characters for President

Could your favorite character be the next POTUS? Meet the candidates:


Hamlet (Hamlet)

As Prince of Denmark, I already have incredibly valuable experience in politics. My fellow candidates like to point out my inability to act in previous situations[1]. They also like to throw around the term “insanity” in their accusations. But need I remind you that I did get the job done in the end? Anyone who acts impulsively is not fit to rule this country, which is why I am the man for the job.

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

It is high time that the United States of America had a president with a head on his—or her—shoulders. It is true that I do not have the political experience of Hamlet, but while he was dealing with political scandal I was out in the real world, helping to save millions of lives from Voldemort. Yet I am also one of you, coming from a humble family of dentists. Vote for me and we will increase this country’s prestige together.

George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice)

What this country needs is a soldier, and I am just the man for the job. It is time to stop allowing everyone to ignore us. It is time to stand up for ourselves! Join the lovely Mrs. Wickham and myself as we work to bring justice to this nation. The first George for president wasn’t so bad—maybe what this country needs is another one.

Jack (Lord of the Flies)

If I could lead the children who were stranded on that desert island with me for weeks with only the clothes on my back and a conch shell for order, I can lead this country. I’ve seen firsthand what happens when you let a warrior lead and it’s not pretty. We need a levelheaded leader, and I believe my experience makes me the man for the job.

Friar Lawrence (Romeo and Juliet)

This country needs to regain its moral compass. Despite what these esteemed candidates are saying, I will not act without first seriously considering where the action falls on the scale of right and wrong. Yes, I have made terrible mistakes in the past, but without those mistakes I would never be the man I am today. I have gained immeasurable wisdom and will use it to bring this country into the future.


Who will YOU vote for?


[1] Read the full story at “Revenge—A Dish Definitely Served Cold If You’re Hamlet”

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