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How to Actually Enjoy Classical Music (For Book Lovers)


Classical music can be pretty boring.  Why would you choose to listen to something that long and that abstract? Lots of people try to figure out how to “understand” the music, but understanding is definitely not always the same as enjoying.

Of all people, I was perfectly primed to love classical music. I grew up with a professional classical musician as a father, was taken to numerous concerts, took piano lessons constantly ever since I was seven years old, and participated in chorus and band in high school. I even became a classical music major in college and had extensive formal training. And while I didn’t hate it or anything, I certainly didn’t love it.  Like so many people, I just didn’t “get” it.

So forget understanding.

How can you actually ENJOY classical music?

Believe it or not, it is possible.  As a book lover, I found the secret…

Books take you on adventures that spice Continue reading “How to Actually Enjoy Classical Music (For Book Lovers)”

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Voldemort and Beyoncé Robots (Or a Dream I Had)


A little while ago, I had a pretty phenomenal (but stressful) dream.

In this dream, I had to kill Voldemort.  But I had time travelled to the future with Beyoncé as my traveling companion.

In this future, we were in an outdoor marketplace trying to hide form Voldemort.  We figured we’d blend into the scenery, so we started dancing among a group of Beyoncé robots.  (Beyoncé was doing pretty well keeping up with them, but I was flailing about as I tried to match their steps.)

At one point, Beyoncé started singing as Continue reading “Voldemort and Beyoncé Robots (Or a Dream I Had)”