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Voldemort and Beyoncé Robots (Or a Dream I Had)


A little while ago, I had a pretty phenomenal (but stressful) dream.

In this dream, I had to kill Voldemort.  But I had time travelled to the future with Beyoncé as my traveling companion.

In this future, we were in an outdoor marketplace trying to hide form Voldemort.  We figured we’d blend into the scenery, so we started dancing among a group of Beyoncé robots.  (Beyoncé was doing pretty well keeping up with them, but I was flailing about as I tried to match their steps.)

At one point, Beyoncé started singing as Continue reading “Voldemort and Beyoncé Robots (Or a Dream I Had)”


Free and Legal Music Downloads Through Your Library

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 4.16.38 PM
If you thought there was no way to legally download free music, think again! Many public libraries have this amazing resource called Freegal.

Basically if you have a library card you can download 6 songs each and every week—for free! They never expire and every Monday you get 6 more songs. No strings attached, and it’s perfectly legal. Continue reading “Free and Legal Music Downloads Through Your Library”