Madeline VS. Bilbo Baggins: A Comparison

Madeline and Bilbo strike me as similar creatures in a way. They both have incredible spunk, are victorious in adventures, act out of courage, and are incredibly short. Here’s a more complete mapping of their similarities and differences for your reading pleasure:

Madeline: The smallest one
Bilbo: Hobbits are quite small creatures, in general

Madeline: Companions consist of eleven little girls in two straight lines
Bilbo: Companions consist of dwarves, elves, and a wizard

Madeline: She is not afraid of mice
Bilbo: He becomes brave enough to fight giant spiders

Madeline: She loves winter, snow, and ice
Bilbo: Going on a quest in winter? Not fun…madeline-straight-lines

Madeline: Loves an adventure (“and nobody knew so well how to frighten Ms. Clavel)
Bilbo: Tolerates adventures…becomes more adventurous by the end of the book

Madeline: Has a very brief adventure that she mostly sleeps through (appendix removed)
Bilbo: Has a loooong, arduous journey that he WISHES he could have slept through…


Is Ms. Clavel the Madeline version of Gandalf?!


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