Who Would Win In a Fight: Gandalf or Sherlock Holmes?

Sherlock fighting

It’s a tough call.

On the one hand, Gandalf has magic.  On the other hand, Sherlock Holmes is a mastermind who understands situations and people better than anyone else.  He might be able to outsmart Gandalf.

On yet another hand, Gandalf was able to see the big picture and notice the threat Saruman posed as well as Bilbo Baggins’s potential in the dwarves’ party, so perhaps he is Sherlock’s equal or better.

What do you think? Vote and share!

20 thoughts on “Who Would Win In a Fight: Gandalf or Sherlock Holmes?”

  1. Okay, seeing this question just made my day. Here’s my thoughts…I love Sherlock way more as a character. And, when it comes to detective work, no one comes close (that’s right Batman…I said it! Deal with it). BUT Gandolf is magical. Most of the “magic threats” Sherlock faces he ends up discovering aren’t really magical at all. And the ones that have a tinge of mysticism to them don’t seem to be on par with the power level Gandolf has. So, as much as I want to vote Sherlock…I have to give it to Gandolf.

    Also, please, please, please, please keep these sorts of questions coming! I’ll be debating this with friends all day.

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  2. I dunno, when Sherlock is in top form and off opium, he can probably throw quite a punch. And I don’t think book Gandalf did the sword-staff combo like in the movie, so he might not be able to defend himself. I can totally see Sherlock tackling Gandalf off some tower or other. (Both characters have trouble staying dead after fall, though, so…stalemate?)

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