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If Hermione Granger Listened to Alternative Rock

Now that it’s back-to-school season, it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite nerdy witch: Hermione Granger.  

I can just picture a modern-day, edgy version of Hermione blasting this song in her headphones while frantically staying up till 2am to finish that awful potions homework.

So there’s your back-to-school motivation for the week! 😉

P.S. Sleigh Bells is one of my all-time favorite alternative rock groups.  This song is slightly more hard-core than some of their others, so if you liked it at all I definitely recommend you give a listen to Kids and Young Legends!

For more Harry Potter music, check out Classical Music Stories: Harry Potter.  But before you go there, make sure you put your seat belt on to protect against whiplash!


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