If The Great Gatsby Characters Had Favorite Colors


I mean, surely they had favorite colors, but we’re never told what they are (as far as I can remember). Since people seem to believe that our favorite colors say something about us, I thought I’d try to enter into some characters’ minds and imagine what theirs might be…

Tom Buchanan: white

White is the sign of luxury and extravagance. A white suit is impractical but boy does it send a social signal.

Daisy Buchanan: the rosiest pink you ever saw

Although if we’re being honest, I think she would secretly be drawn to a deep navy (almost black). She’s a more complex and disturbed person than she likes the world to see.

Jordan Baker: sunset red

You know, the kind of red that is just starting to turn dusty as another day ends.

Nick Carraway: forest green

Practical and yet a bit adventurous.

Myrtle Wilson: bright neon-orange

A sign of luxury, escape, and a far cry from the browns and dull greens of home with her husband

And finally:

Jay Gatsby: whatever the color of Daisy’s dress was when he first met her…


Do you agree with my choices or would you choose something else? What favorite colors would you assign to the other characters in the novel? Let me know in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “If The Great Gatsby Characters Had Favorite Colors”

    1. You know, I was torn between having which of those two’s favorite colors would be white! Although if they both had the same favorite color that could be really interesting, too…and thanks! I do too haha.

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  1. I love this! I’m reading posts trying to get more into Jordan’s head as I’m playing her in a play adaptation of the great gatsby and thinking about what her favorite color would be and why is a great insight!

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