Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Peter Pan


A while back I posted a brief, 30 second piece and talked about how it reminded me of Tinker Bell (Classical Music Stories: Tinker Bell (Plus Flash Fiction Challenge!)). But little did you know I had more Peter Pan stories for the other bajillion movements in the piece! (Mwah ha ha!)

Here are just a couple of them:

In the 6th movement:

The lost boys and children play make-believe and have “adventures,” but there is an underlying ridiculousness and sense of foreboding with the heavy low notes because of what (or rather who) they are forgetting…(see the 7th movement…)

In the 7th movement:

Who are they forgetting? Their mother, of course! In this movement she feels deep longing for her children and remembers the good old days when they were together as a family (sharing remembrances with Mr. Darling).

P.S. This 7th movement is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking and I love it.

P.P.S. The 6th movement’s title actually translates to “Important Event” and the 7th is “Dreaming” or “Daydream”…it fits!!

The great thing about classical music is that there’s no one way to hear it. So just because these pieces reminded me of Peter Pan in these ways doesn’t mean they reminded you of the same! So what did you imagine? Let me know in the comments!

Also, In case you’ve noticed, I haven’t been blogging as regularly in the past couple of weeks. Life got a bit crazy but things should be back on track now! As always, thanks for reading (and listening)!


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