Who Would Win a Game of Telephone: Mrs. Bennett or Emma Woodhouse?


They’re both super nosy, after all.

Mrs. Bennett has the benefit of experience. Since she’s older she’s been gossiping for a lot longer than Emma has…with disastrous consequences of course, but it could be a plus for her in this game. Emma, however, strikes me as someone who listens more, which would also be a plus. Sure, they’re both super nosy, but Mrs. Bennett might be a little more willing to talk first and listen never. Then again, Emma can be incredibly clueless (pun sort of intended) so maybe she wouldn’t take the game quite as seriously.

It’s a tough call… What do you think? Who would win?? Vote below and let me know in the comments who you chose and why!

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10 thoughts on “Who Would Win a Game of Telephone: Mrs. Bennett or Emma Woodhouse?”

  1. I think Emma would win by a narrow margin but Mrs Bennett would be the funniest loser as she would make the most outrageous misunderstandings and staunchly refuse to admit she was wrong.

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