Who Would Win in a Sword Fight: Peter Pan or Romeo?


It’s a tricky question.

Peter Pan has fought off Captain Hook time and time again, even feeding his hand to a crocodile (sheesh)…but how big of a threat is Captain Hook, really? It’s hard to know. Plus, Pan seems to be a bit cocky and not overly serious, which could be a drawback. There’s also the fact that if Peter Pan were to fight Romeo he wouldn’t be able to predict his next move like he can with Captain Hook after having fought him for so long. (But Pan can also fly, so…)

Romeo may also have a bit of an advantage in that he’s clearly trained in sword-fighting. He killed Tybalt, after all (not that I’m proposing a fight-to-the-death sword fight between Peter Pan and Romeo!), and has clearly been in quite a few duels with the Capulets. But he, too, can be a bit rash, and if Peter Pan provokes him by joking too much or something I can see Romeo moving so fast that Peter Pan instantly finds himself cornered.

I’m honestly torn. Who do you think would win? Vote below!

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19 thoughts on “Who Would Win in a Sword Fight: Peter Pan or Romeo?”

  1. Peter because he can fly: leap out of danger, always stay just out of reach, make Romeo stand on a tight rope just to be able to fight him, make Romeo fight in ways he isn’t practiced in (because of the flying and rotating above him).

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  2. Peter Pan, fo sho. He can fly, plus is small and nimble enough to escape any sort of tricks Romeo might try. Plus plus, Romeo (I think) feels too much and wouldn’t feel right about fighting against a little boy like Pete. Although, like you said, if he jokes around and provokes him too much, we all know Romeo can get a little carried away and doesn’t have much to lose.

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  3. Definitely Peter Pan. Romeo’s flailing got Mercutio killed. Best gallows humor ever, “Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man.” Freaking Romeo. Mercutio was my favorite character, too. That would be a very entertaining fight.

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  4. Peter Pan, definitely. It’s not just skill you need to consider but luck. Even if Peter Pan isn’t as skilled as Romeo, he’s lucky enough to win every fight. Romeo’s luck is so poor that I’d be more worried for him than his opponent.

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