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New Year’s Resolutions: Seeking Book and Music Recommendations


Wow, how is it almost 2019 already?! With a new year comes new resolutions, new opportunities, new struggles, and new experiences. It’s also a time for reflecting on the past year. I’ve generally tended focused on the first half of this with posts like Top 5 Inspiring Book Characters for the New Year and Top 4 Independent and Inspirational Book Characters, but this year I’m combining the two by looking to the future by reflecting on the past — using some of the past year’s posts to (hopefully) provide some inspiration for the new year! But I don’t just want to share my own ideas, so please do comment below to help me and others who read this post to find even more inspiration for the new year!

So here are five of my New Years’ resolutions:

1) Find a new book to read

Version 2

I would personally recommend any of the books in Top 10 Books I’m Thankful For, or just ask a friend!

If you could recommend any book for myself or another blog reader, what would you recommend and why?


2) Be inspired to be more selfless


from Sydney Carton’s sacrifice in Classical Music Stories: Mozart and Sydney Carton (A Tale of Two Cities)

What’s the most selfless character you’ve ever come across in a book? 

3) Find a new version of a song to listen to

Quirky funny song adaptations; cat banjo

with Top 10 Song Adaptations: The Quirky, the Funny, and the Intriguing

What’s your favorite song cover/adaptation? 


4) Re-read your favorite book and/or re-listen to your favorite music

The Great Gatsby headphones music

For me, that would be Classical Music Stories: The Great Gatsby and Debussy

What’s your favorite book and favorite song? 

5) Try something new, like an escape room

escape room Moira Katniss 2.jpg

so you have a better idea Who Would Win an Escape Room Faster: Moira or Katniss Everdeen?

What’s the coolest new thing you did this past year that you would recommend?



Don’t forget to comment with all of your answers so I can explore them in the new year!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions: Seeking Book and Music Recommendations”

  1. One of my favorite books from last year is Arnold Steinhardt’s memoirs from his time in the Guarneri Quartet – “Indivisible by Four”. It’s wise, funny, easy to read, witty, poignant, and fascinating. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a music-related read in 2019!

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