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Italo Calvino, Red Riding Hood as a Silent Film, and Psychoanalyzing Veggie Tales


Seven more things about me…

  1. I am SO excited to read Italo Calvino’s “The Castle of Crossed Destinies” and “Cosmicomics.” Just checked them out from the library and the anticipation is real.
  2. Last week I wrote about the Veggie Tales song “I Love My Lips” for my literary theory and criticism class because I realized that Dr. Archibald was basically psychoanalyzing Larry…#childhoodruined.
  3. My newest music obsession is Say Lou Lou.  I would particularly recommend “Wilder Than the Wind” and Angels (Above Me).
  4. Last week I also had my senior piano recital.  For the Haydn sonata, I had created a silent, black and white movie with some friends based on Little Red Riding Hood.  I performed the sonata as the “film score” live on stage.
  5. Yesterday I discovered the glories of making my own fruit smoothies.  Why didn’t I do this before? How much of my life have I wasted away??
  6. I like to eat my almonds two at a time.  They fit so perfectly between my fingers and form the perfect amount of salty, nutty goodness in my mouth, so a lot of the time I’ll even count them out to make sure I have an even number.
  7. I own Disney Princess Uno cards.  It’s just like Uno but there are two dragon cards in the deck, which, when played, have to be vanquished by a prince card.  It’s hardcore.

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