Free and Legal Music Downloads Through Your Library

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If you thought there was no way to legally download free music, think again! Many public libraries have this amazing resource called Freegal.

Basically if you have a library card you can download 6 songs each and every week—for free! They never expire and every Monday you get 6 more songs. No strings attached, and it’s perfectly legal.

They have a wide variety of artists and genres:

One Direction
Britney Spears
One Direction
Cher Lloyd
Kelly Clarkson
Mumford & Sons
I Am They
Broadway Cast albums
Huge selection of classical music

…and much more. They don’t have everything, but they do have a lot. New releases even appear on Freegal at the same time as they appear on places like iTunes!

They also offer a selection of music videos that you can download. (One music video counts as two music downloads.)

Check it out!

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