Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Pride and Prejudice


Waltz in E-Flat Major, Op. 18 “Grande valse brillante”

Frédéric Chopin

It is the opening of the Lucas’s ball. Everyone is talking about the rich newcomer and his friend.

We see Jane as she genuinely admires Mr. Bingley: a beautiful, kind, and agreeable girl, though Mr. Darcy’s pride is a bit of a dent in the overall mood.

The music becomes creeping and mysterious as Mrs. Bennett sees Jane and Mr. Bingley together. We keep alternating between Jane and Bingley’s joyful purity and Mrs. Bennett’s clueless schemes, ending in a triumphant portrayal of the ball. Her mother has seen all she needs…

As the music tricks us into thinking it’s about to end, the mother’s talk and the general talk about Bingley takes over to foreshadow the mother’s harmful involvement and the overall tainted goodness of the ball.


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