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Songs for Every Book: A Rock Star Version of Mr. Knightley

Emma Knightley electric guitar songs for every book

If rock music had been around in the 18th century, Mr. Knightley would have been majorly jamming to this song in his frustration over Emma.

She just can’t seem to get it in her head that he loves HER, not, Harriet! How could she possibly be so blind??

The Bots just get it:

Knightley tries to get her to stop messing around in other people’s business and all she does is get upset and “forlorn” and ultimately ignore him. And yet…

Too far to see
Back up while we 
Still have the time
Out on your own
Fickle to the bone
But I can’t get you off my mind…

But still! She’s causing so much trouble and creating “rubble” out of other people’s happiness and relationships. Can’t she see how she’s using meddling in other people’s lives to build a barricade around her own heart, shutting it up tightly inside herself where it can’t think about what IT wants? But if she would just peek outside that barricade and think about what she’s doing…and admit who she has fallen in love with……….

I want to know how you’re blinded
How I find it
Don’t remind me
Always trouble
Hiding in the rubble
Why don’t you come outside?

Could you actually see Mr. Knightley as a rock singer or electric guitarist if he had lived in the modern era? Let me know in the comments!


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