Top 5 Electric Guitar Versions of Songs That Need to Happen

The face you get when you give a classical pianist an electric guitar

I’ve discovered that playing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” on the heavy metal setting of my electric guitar is not only awesome, but super cathartic.  As a result, I’ve been thinking about other songs I could crank up a notch with the instrument.  Here’s what I came up with:

1. On My Own (from Les Misérables)

Electric guitar would provide some serious support for Éponine’s angst.

2. Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey (from the Great Gatsby movie)

A great way to kick it up a notch.

3.  Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas)

Just yes.

4.  Memory by Andrew Lloyd Webber (from Cats)

I’ve actually already tried this one.  And it’s awesome.

5. Bird Set Free by Sia

This song is amazing as it is, but adding scads of electric guitar riffs? I’m down.


What other songs do you wish were played with copious amounts of electric guitar?


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21 thoughts on “Top 5 Electric Guitar Versions of Songs That Need to Happen”

  1. This is cheating because the versions are already done, but I’ve always like Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah because it added electric guitar. And though it doesn’t throw in an electric guitar, it gets noticeably louder than the original: Book of Love by The Airborne Toxic Event

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  2. I love your choices!! And Bad Blood is a kick-ass song! I LOVE me some Taylor Swift.

    For me, I’d love to hear an electric guitar version of Defying Gravity and Dancing Through Life from Wicked, and Circle of Life from The Lion King!

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  3. nice choices 🙂 hmm…. this question is really going to get my creative juices going – Nina Simone’s version of “Oh Sinnerman,” “Harlem Nocturne” by The Viscounts, and Beethoven’s “Pathetique” Sonata (#8)


    1. I just listened to bits of Oh Sinnerman and Harlem Nocturne, and I have to say I definitely agree. And the Beethoven would be amazing, too! The guitar would definitely give it a different feel, but I like it. 🙂


  4. You know I remember hearing Amazing Grace played on electric guitar…I think by Jeff Beck, but not sure. It was awesome…beyond awesome. I sometimes wonder what Beatle songs would sound like…Hey Jude for instance…electric solo. I’d probably pass out or something…:-)

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