A Create-Your-Own Comic Book (Plus Pirate Mermaids)

Comic Note BookI’ve had this awesome make-your-own comic book since December, but I’m bringing it back out.  This book is great for anyone who likes comic books (of course) and/or being creative and imaginative.

TBT this masterpiece of a few months ago:



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I amuse myself.


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23 thoughts on “A Create-Your-Own Comic Book (Plus Pirate Mermaids)

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  2. I love this😂 I just wanted to say—thank you for your sweet comment and I LOVE YOUR SITE! I swear I found my twin. I guess I’m not the only one with music/book associations haha! Plus your writing is completely adorable! Looking forward to not only the sequel to this but future posts as well. 🙂 God bless you, girl!

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  3. Pingback: Thank you, Audrey. Im reposting this so that my bloggers can make your suggested comic book. Lets see how they do! challenge- Create your comic book and post here so that we can see how great they come out!! Thanks everybody. I love sharing and a few laug

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