Creative Book Photography (Plus Four Quick Book Recommendations)

Why recommend books the normal way when you can recommend them with pictures? (Confession: I really just wanted to share these pictures I took.  But I also love each of these stories!)

Batman Tally
My Batman mask fits her face scarily well… In any case, I can’t help but feel that a Batman version of Tally Youngblood would be phenomenal.  Dystopia + Batman = YES.

Macbeth 1
Pairing one of my swords with Macbeth was a no-brainer.  Everyone say it with me: MOTIF.
4 Red Riding Hood pic
A beautiful book of fairy tales I purchased in France last summer.  Red Riding Hood is such a classic.
Jane Eyre bw vintage
Finally, Jane Eyre is seriously a creepy book.  It’s both a ghost story and a mystery in different parts.  I love it.

In a couple of these pictures I brought out certain aspects of the book, like violence in Macbeth and mystery in Jane Eyre.  If you were to take a picture of one of your favorite books, which aspect would you choose to emphasize?

If you’re into books, artwork, and how they interact, you might like my previous blog series: Judging the Book By Its Cover. The premise was to imagine what the story inside a book might be based on the cover art alone.  (I may eventually do more of these posts, but I also may not.  I don’t feel strongly about it one way or another right now, haha.  So if you’d be interested in reading more of them, please let me know!)


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