When Poetry and Music Match: Blistering Baby Blue

Blistering baby
in a sea of
Apathy in Space.

Note: I hear several connections between the music and this poetic fragment I wrote a while back.  There is something “blistering” in the way the cello keeps coming back to the same melody.  The “intransigence,” or stubbornness, fits with this idea, too.  And yet, there’s something apathetic and vast about the music, like it’s pushing past ordinary boundaries of space and time.

Words I would use to describe both the poem and the music:




And then the music itself feels to me both old and young, peaceful and uneasy, broken and whole.

How else are you hearing this poem in the music? Or do you hear it in a different way?


This is easily the most dramatic/poetic post I’ve made, haha, but if you want some more deep drama (and even tragedy) you might enjoy Classical Music Stories: Romeo and Juliet.

Finally, if you’re specifically interested in how different art forms can “match,” you might want to check out Music Inspired by Fashion.  There are all kinds of great and quirky combinations that can take place…these are just a few of them!

9 thoughts on “When Poetry and Music Match: Blistering Baby Blue”

  1. I like a combination of art forms. In my country there are fashion shows that have a particular music theme: where an artist’s songs are used throughout a particular designer’s exhibition. Like ‘Music Meets Runway’.
    And in the university right now, there’s a Romeo and Juliet play about to be staged; I wish it was in creole though- epic

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      1. Thanks for the feedback! We shall see, I guess. Haha. Also, fun fact: I used this piece to discuss The Great Gatsby with a group of high schoolers. Loneliness totally works with that book theme!

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