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5 (More) Literary Mashups That Totally Need to Happen


When I stumbled across a post I made a while back called  Top 5 Literary Mash-Ups That Totally Need to Happen I thought…why not? So without further ado, here are five more that should also definitely happen:

1. Far From the Mansfield Crowd (Far From the Madding Crowd + Mansfield Park)

The sequel to Mansfield Park following Fanny’s married life

2. Tess of the Time Machine (Tess of the d’Urbervilles + The Time Machine)

If Tess found herself in possession of H.G. Wells’ time machine…

3. Emma of the Rings (Emma + Lord of the Rings)

i.e. what if Jane Austen’s Emma had Frodo’s job…

4. The Sign of Three (The Sign of Four + The Three Musketeers)

A Sherlock Holmes-style mystery with the Three Musketeers

5. Anna Karenina and Mr. Hyde (Anna Karenina + Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

For the creepiest of all mashups


What other mashups would you like to read? Which one of these is your favorite?

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18 thoughts on “5 (More) Literary Mashups That Totally Need to Happen”

  1. ” Emma of the Rings (Emma + Lord of the Rings)
    i.e. what if Jane Austen’s Emma had Frodo’s job…” Oh my gosh! This made me laugh and panic at the same time. I hope Mr. Knightley would be her Sam (even though I think he’d be Aragorn for some bizarre reason), because she would so need his guidance. Hmm. Would that make Miss Bates Pippin? 😆

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  2. Looks like the Emma of the Rings mashup is pretty popular! I was a little horrified myself at first. The egotistical Emma with foolish Hobbits? I wasn’t quite sure what would happen there, but I am beginning to warm up to the idea… maybe?

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