Literature’s Most Awkward Moments…


Characters are often awkward, plain and simple. That’s why we love them, right?! Well, sometimes the “awkwardness” goes a little too far and things get a bit…interesting. So this post is an homage to some of the most incredibly “awkward” moments in literature. (P.S. I’m taking a risk that using the phrase “that awkward moment when” isn’t already outdated…but if it is, that means I’m being awkward, so score.)

That awkward moment when…

1. you tell your daughter that her governess is a fairy and she takes you seriously #JaneEyre

2. your idol turns into your torturer #Winston’sMistake

3. your parents grill your best friends about you behind your back #WhyRosencrantzAndGuildenstern

4. you eat a piece of food someone left on the table but then it makes you feel weird #HungryAlice

5. you forget to hate your enemy #PeterPanProbs

6. your little sister is dating your ex-boyfriend #LydiaAndLizzy

7. you’re crushing on a guy so hard that you literally cut off part of your feet #DesperateStepsisters

8. you say, “You’ll never guess!” And then they guess it. #Rumpelstiltskin

9. your friend tells you they hate your name #YourNameisNowHandel #GreatExpectations

and last but certainly not least,

10. That awkward moment when you realize you just married your long-lost mother #OhhhOedipus

So what other super awkward moments have you come across in literature?

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31 thoughts on “Literature’s Most Awkward Moments…”

  1. The most awkward moment I’ve read in a long time was from a novel called ‘Infandous’. I don’t want to give it away, but there is some surprise incest. That awkward/disturbing factor aside, it’s a very well written book with a lot of literary devices.

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  2. You made me smile 🙂

    When “you eat a piece of food someone left on the table but then it makes you feel weird.” My only reaction: ughhh! Yuck!


  3. Just discovered this! For me, I would pick the one from a book I have read recently, “The 13 Clocks” : “your invisible spy helps the prince to save the princess from you all along” #UnfortunateDuke

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      1. Yes! the book is a classic, yet still accessible and filled with fun! 😀

        Perhaps you can give it a try in the future (if you haven’t read it yet), it’ll be joyful 😀

        Thanks for responding, too 🙂

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  4. when you let your little sister do your hair for a party and she burns it off
    #littlewomenproblems and when you get caught dissing your nice but incredibly annoying spinster neighbour #yesthatwouldbeyouEmma

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