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The Most Amazing and Bizarre Public Domain Images…

This morning I was browsing Pixabay’s collection of public domain images to make my class PowerPoint presentation a little more fun. While I did find some useful pictures to help break up the text for my project, I also found some truly hilarious and weird photos that were too good not to share. Enjoy:


I’m not entirely sure what this is or what made someone think to create it but I’m a fan.


This cat is amazing. It’s SO FAT. I was just scrolling through pictures and suddenly it was staring at me and that’s when I knew this post had to happen. (I was not searching for cat pictures, I promise.)


This picture isn’t weird, but it’s wicked cool. It almost looks like a painting (maybe it is?).


…What?? (Although I’m actually planning to use this picture in my presentation…too good to pass up.)


This is probably my favorite of all. It’s creepy, solitary, beautiful, and entrancing all at the same time to me. I just keep staring at it.


And finally, there’s this. I apologize for the nightmares…this is so creepy and again makes me wonder who thought of it. I’m intrigued and kind of love it, but I’m also disturbed.

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed these crazy pictures (bonus points if you find a way to use them in your own blog posts)!!


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13 thoughts on “The Most Amazing and Bizarre Public Domain Images…”

    1. I think I just put “two” or “double” or something! I was trying to find a picture to represent the dichotomies between the results I found in my study haha. A few pages in and that picture shows up!!

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