Songs For Every Book

Songs for Every Book: A Rock Star Version of Mr. Knightley

Emma Knightley electric guitar songs for every book

If rock music had been around in the 18th century, Mr. Knightley would have been majorly jamming to this song in his frustration over Emma.

She just can’t seem to get it in her head that he loves HER, not, Harriet! How could she possibly be so blind??

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Music Mash-Ups: Rock + Chopin, Rock + Opera

And one more thrown in for good measure!

If you’re like me, one of the coolest things to find is an amazing mash-up book, like with a fairy tale re-imagined in a different world or a horror retelling of a literary classic (I’m looking at you, Jane Slayre). But what I’ve been discovering more and more lately is that music can be a mash-up, too, and when it is…well, let’s just say it can be pretty cool.

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