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How To Actually Enjoy Classical Music (For Book Lovers): The Story I Imagined

octopus-1235006_1280In the first part of this post, I revealed a way to imagine your favorite literary characters and stories in classical music.  (Read about the idea here.)

As promised, here’s the story I imagined when I listened to the brief, one-minute long piece at the end of that post.  (I put it in this post, too.)

Based on The Picture of Dorian Gray

We can hear Dorian’s extravagant lifestyle.  The piece begins like a triumphant end (which is ironic because there is no end to his youth and beauty), but dark notes hint at the folly of his actions. As the music soars, we get a sense of Dorian’s pleasures and love for Sybil Vane before it ends on another triumphant, extravagant note to round out his personality.


It’s not too late! What story did YOU imagine? Was it different or similar to mine? You can comment on this post or the first one!


2 thoughts on “How To Actually Enjoy Classical Music (For Book Lovers): The Story I Imagined”

  1. Dear Aubrey,

    I read your article with great interest. I, too, was a music major and received a B.A. in Music History/Theory, 1981.

    I am currently writing a blog on classic movies under Your article gave me an idea re writing about classical music and classic movies. I would like to reference your article properly, hopefully getting you more readership. Do I have your permission to do so?

    Sarah Cooper Douglas

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