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What If Alice In Wonderland Characters Played Sports?

If Mermaids Wore Suspenders turned one year old yesterday! (I guess that means it’s sleeping more at night and will start to babble soon?) I’m thrilled that so many of you have found this blog enjoyable.  Always feel free to leave comments or email me with any questions or thoughts you may have about the blog’s content! I love exploring different viewpoints on books and music with people.

To celebrate this first blogiversary, here’s a look back at my first blog post–just in time for the Olympics!

Alice: Obstacle course racing

Just like in Wonderland, she wouldn’t be fazed by anything in her way. Responding to the unexpected without letting it slow you down? Alice has that covered.

The White Rabbit: Track…

Source: What if the characters from Alice in Wonderland played sports?


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Again, thank you for your interest and support!