If Literary Characters Had Favorite Holidays

As Christmas approaches, I’ve found myself wondering: what holiday might certain beloved literary characters enjoy over all others?

1) Lydia & Kitty Bennett: Easter

Only so that they can show off their fancy hats and ribbons…

2) Emma Woodhouse: Valentine’s Day

It’s the absolute perfect opportunity to watch couples fall in love and have a hand in such goings-on, of course.

3) Daisy Buchanan: New Year’s Day

The parties, the champagne, the fashion…but also Daisy seems to be constantly yearning to start afresh and New Year’s Day provides the powerful but illusive suggestion that starting all over again is, in fact, possible.

4) Jane Eyre: Thanksgiving

Jane is practical and long-suffering, and while she sometimes snaps she doesn’t presume to deserve more than she is given. She strikes me as someone who would be thankful for the practical opportunity of Thanksgiving to re-center herself and not become angsty about the situations she finds herself in.

5) Mr. Rochester: Halloween

Oh the infamous dress-up-as-a-gypsy incident…

6) Holden Caulfield: Christmas

Sure it’s the phoniest holiday of them all, but the way old Phoebe’s face lights up at the presents under the tree makes the rest worth it.

Happy holidays to you all!

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