Who Would Win Prom Queen: Anna Karenina or Daisy Buchanan?


(I’m talking pre-affair Anna.)

They’re both the belles of the ball…so who would be THE belle of the ball??

Vote below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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31 thoughts on “Who Would Win Prom Queen: Anna Karenina or Daisy Buchanan?”

  1. I am voting for Anna. She is so classy. The gorgeous dresses are her second skin. I am sure that the society was criticizing her so harshly because they were all jealous of her beauty and style before the affair took place and were determined to hurt her.

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    1. Ohhh that would be a sight to see. That’s a good point, too! There’s so much that happens throughout both books that colors how we think about the characters. I’m not sure Anna OR Daisy would be in great shape to be prom queen towards the end of both books.

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  2. I think Daisy would win. Daisy would probably care about winning, and therefore put effort into it (courting votes, etc), while I can’t see Anna caring about being prom queen. Anna doesn’t need to be prom queen to prove anything and she knows it.

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  3. While it seems votes are going predominately toward Anna I have to lean towards Daisy. But that’s mostly because I can’t even imagine Anna in a high school setting, while I think Daisy would actually thrive in the safely monitored social environment.

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