Top 5 Electric Guitar Versions of Songs That Need to Happen

The face you get when you give a classical pianist an electric guitar

I’ve discovered that playing Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” on the heavy metal setting of my electric guitar is not only awesome, but super cathartic.  As a result, I’ve been thinking about other songs I could crank Continue reading “Top 5 Electric Guitar Versions of Songs That Need to Happen”

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If Mermaids Wore Suspenders — Discover

If Mermaids Wore Suspenders was featured on WordPress Discover this week as an Editor’s Pick! A big thank you to WordPress for allowing my blog to reach more people and hopefully inspire them!

Aubrey Leaman, the blogger behind If Mermaids Wore Suspenders, shares her passion for books and classical music in quirky posts that aim to bridge the gap between these two seemingly-disparate worlds.

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The “Fairy Tale” Genre in Music


“After everyone had left the house, Cinderella went out to her mother’s grave under the hazel tree, and cried: ‘Shiver and shake, dear little tree, gold and silver shower on me.’ Then the bird threw down to her a gold and silver robe and a pair of slippers embroidered with silk and silver…

On the second day, when the festival was renewed and her parents and stepsisters had started forth again, Cinderella went to the hazel tree and said: ‘Shiver and shake, dear little tree, gold and silver shower on me.’  Then the bird threw down a still more gorgeous robe than on the previous day…

On the third day, when her parents and sisters had started, Cinderella went again to her mother’s grave and said: ‘Shiver and shake, dear little tree, gold and silver shower on me.’ Then the bird threw down a dress which was so magnificent that no one had ever seen the like before, and the slippers were entirely of gold.”


Fairy tales often include these types of three-fold repetitions.  Something will happen, it will have an effect, and then the Continue reading “The “Fairy Tale” Genre in Music”

Classical Music Stories

Classical Music Stories: Harry Potter


(Classical Music Stories is a series where music is listened to as though it were the soundtrack to your favorite books.)

During Harry’s first trip to Diagon Alley he finds the most amazing and magical things everywhere! This place is a far cry from where he spent his dreary, non-magical childhood.  Just like a kid in a candy store, he gawks at everything from spell books and cauldrons to owls!





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How to Grocery Shop like a Superhero


Ugh.  It’s time to go grocery shopping.  But instead of being bored, listen to the first movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 in D minor while you shop.  If you have time, listen to the other movements, too.

As you’re walking down the aisles, searching for the right brand of whole wheat bread or the firmest tomatoes, connect with your inner superhero backstory through Continue reading “How to Grocery Shop like a Superhero”

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Clair de Lune: Music From “All the Light We Cannot See”


This is the piece a starving Marie-Laure blasted from the attic to draw Von Rumpel to her.  Imagine yourself as Marie-Laure, listening to this music and waiting for the murderer to find you with a knife in your hand.  Imagine yourself as Von Rumpel, hallucinatory, sick, and dying, following Continue reading “Clair de Lune: Music From “All the Light We Cannot See””

Songs For Every Book

Songs For Every Book: Macbeth

Shakespeare headphones

I was jamming to some music this morning but when this song came on it transported me straight into Macbeth:

About Lady Macbeth:

“I was a loner
I was just waiting by myself
When you, warped temptress
Rose to bring me happiness and wealth”

About Macbeth:

“You convince yourself that you want it, but you don’t know
You keep trying to wash the blood from your hands, but it won’t go”


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How To Actually Enjoy Classical Music (For Book Lovers): The Story I Imagined

octopus-1235006_1280In the first part of this post, I revealed a way to imagine your favorite literary characters and stories in classical music.  (Read about the idea here.)

As promised, here’s the story I imagined when I listened to the brief, one-minute long piece at the end of that post.  (I put it in this post, too.)

Based on The Picture of Dorian Gray

Continue reading “How To Actually Enjoy Classical Music (For Book Lovers): The Story I Imagined”